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Remember the reason why you started

Sometimes it takes a second of flashbacks and rewinds to make you see what you’re dealing with. Remember when your Professor told you about the meaning of history? It is about a systematic study of the past in order to understand the present and to predict the future. Apparently our life is a fragment of what history is made of.

This life of ours is a constant cycle of trials and errors. We have a good share of our ups and downs. You aren’t there just for its sweetness but also for its bitterness.

So maybe you’re in a situation that you want to give up and screw things up, always remember the past events of what made you start this facade. You’ll get through those lows and if ever it happens again in the future, you’ll be able to know what your next step is.

And if you keep giving up, take that as your lesson. It doesn’t matter how many times because people have their own different ways of learning their lesson.

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